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Payday 2 director leaves Overkill, starts own studio

David Goldfarb says he wanted more creative freedom

Payday 2 director David Goldfarb has left Overkill Software to start his own studio.

Goldfarb told Polygon that he had an amicable split with Overkill, where he worked for almost two years. He wants to pursue his own ideas, and for that he needs the creative freedom that operating his own studio in Stockholm will provide.


"I'm abandoning AAA," Goldfarb said. "Payday 2 wasn't triple AAA but it had AAA sales. But I just want to find genres that I can subvert. To do that I can't be working for people in the way that I was, I just don't want any of that shit."

He gave more indications of what his now four-person studio will not make - MOBAs and games with comic book or pixel style art - than what it will, though he did say he loves role-playing games and "will probably make one".

Before joining Overkill, Goldfarb worked on Mirror's Edge and Battlefield 3 at EA DICE.

"I worked my way into the industry against all odds and once I had gotten there I realised I wasn't really happy doing it and the stuff I was really good at was really hard to quantify," Goldfarb said. "Especially in these big industries where their vested interest is really not maximizing who you are as a person or as an artist even. Companies make you less than you are the bigger they are. That's just a rule. They're not evil, that's just how they are, it's like a physics lesson."

In our Payday 2 review, we called it a "superb co-op shooter, with rich character customisation and tense, unpredictable missions."