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Former Starcraft dev reveals 'team action game' Gigantic

New co-op multiplayer title from indie studio Motiga

Gigantic is a new team-based action multiplayer game from Motiga, a Seattle-based indie studio formed of former StarCraft and Guild Wars developers.

Gigantic, in development for PC for a 2015 release, is described as "a team action game where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy".

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Two teams of five go head-to-head to take out the opposing team's guardian - a giant beast that serves as both the object a team must desperately defend and seemingly also its most dangerous weapon.

The guardian of each team is said to be "a magical behemoth too powerful for a single mortal to defeat", in what sounds like a heavily strategic and co-operative multiplayer affair.


"The gameplay in Gigantic is about creating opportunities to be heroic," describes Motiga's VP of product development James Phinney, who previously served as lead designer on StarCraft and Guild Wars.

"Whether you're rescuing an ally, sneaking behind enemy lines or facing off solo against a towering guardian, there are dramatic ways to turn the tide of battle," he added.

As the game progresses players can level up their team, gaining new abilities. The developer also promises frequent content updates, and promises that, as a free-to-play game, players will be able to "experience Gigantic without dropping a dime".

Motiga is currently taking applications for an Alpha test via the game's official site. The Gigantic reveal trailer is above.

Motiga was co-founded in 2010 by Chris Chung, who also has ties with Guild Wars as the former CEO of its developer, NCSoft West, and was also chief strategy officer at Rift firm Trion Worlds.