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The Last of Us Remastered screenshots officially released

Sony has released the first official The Last of Us Remastered screenshots via PS Blog.

A few new details about the PS4 game have also emerged online. Game Informer reports that PS3 saves won't carry over to the Remastered version, although a supply point bonus will be offered to those who played the original's multiplayer offering.

DualShock 4's touchpad button is now used to open protagonist Joel's backpack, while audio recordings found throughout the game will play through the pad's speaker, meaning you no longer have to stay in the menu to listen to them.

Remastered will also have its own set of trophies, which are identical to the PS3 version's.


New The Last of Us Remastered details revealed

Additional DLC planned, 30fps toggle option, Photo Mode, new TV trailer

It was revealed earlier today that Sony is planning "additional add-on releases" for the game later this year, which are expected to be multiplayer focused.

While by default the game runs at 1080p and 60ps, it was also confirmed that players will be able to lock the frame rate at 30fps.

Another new feature is a Photo Mode similar to the one in Infamous Second Son.