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Metrico releases on PS Vita starting August 5

Infographic-inspired platformer Metrico will release in early August, developer Digital Dreams announced Wednesday.

The visually unique PS Vita exclusive studio sets players running across a moving landscape of bar graphs and pie charts. It will release on August 5 in North America and August 6 in Europe.

Dynamic audio from Dutch artist Palmbomen, whose song Stock was featured on GTA 5's Soulwax FM radio station, accompanies the action. Unique tracks across every stage respond to player movement, much as the level itself is shaped indirectly by the player.

A free demo of the game's first world will be available, offering access to roughly 5 percent of the game. Digital Dreams did not reveal how much the full title will cost.

We got a hands-on look at Metrico earlier this year, where we were impressed by its clever use of changing inputs to encourage exploration over trial-and-error platforming.

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