Doom revealed at QuakeCon - first gameplay details

id shows off single-player demo of fourth Doom game at Texas event

id Software unveiled the new Doom game to attendees of its QuakeCon event in Dallas, Texas on Thursday.

The game, simply titled 'Doom', was shown running at 1080p and 60fps at the event, where id Software confirmed it is being built on its new id Tech 6 game engine.


A single-player demo was shown at the event, according to the Twitter accounts of several in attendance. The demo revealed a Mars setting, which is once again under assault by demons from Hell. Scenes both inside and outside of the UAC research facility were shown.

Attendees describe impressive particle effects and environmental detail, with an art style not too dissimilar from Doom 3. Other familiarities include several iconic enemies, and the return of fan-favorite weapons including the chainsaw and double-barrel shotgun.

The new Doom, however, will feature a heavy focus on melee combat, revealed id. "A key feature will be stunning enemies with a shot, then smashing their face with your boots. It's happened five times already," described PC Gamer via Twitter.

Players will be able to rip off the limbs of enemies, it was revealed. In one scene, id demonstrated ripping off the arm of an enemy guard and placing his severed hand on a hand-scanner to unlock a door. The demo concluded with a brief appearance from the horned giant that was seen in the E3 teaser trailer.

"Fast paced competitive multiplayer" is promised, but id wasn't ready to talk about it at the show, saying it'll deliver more info "later".

The new Doom will be an Origin game, the developer confirmed, and will reimagine everything about the originals.

id is yet to confirm when it will reveal the game to general public since having pledged to give QuakeCon attendees an exclusive first-look.

"We'll have plenty more to show everyone at a later date, but we didn't want another QuakeCon to go by without doing something special for the amazing QC community and id supporters that have been with us for more than 20 years," said the firm earlier this month.

In April 2013, it was confirmed that the new Doom had been "rebooted" after a prototype failed to "exhibit the quality and excitement that Id and Bethesda intend to deliver and that Doom fans worldwide expect".