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Hitman Go Airport update released for Android devices

Adds 15 levels, a new mode and moving walkways

Square Enix has released the first content update for turn-based puzzle game Hitman GO on Android.

Launched in early July for iOS devices, the Airport update contains 15 levels, a new "civilian mode", moving walkways and the ability to skip turns, among other features.


The update is unlockable through natural progression or a 69p/€0.99/$0.99 purchase.

Hitman GO is the first completed project from Square Enix Montreal, which recently announced a new series entry for mobiles and tablets, a massively competitive sniping game called Hitman: Sniper.

In late May, series creator IO Interactive released the first concept art for its next Hitman game. In development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the title will star a globetrotting Agent 47 in the prime of his career, fulfilling contracts across "huge, checkpoint-free, sandbox levels" with the support of the ICA and long-term handler Diana Burnwood.


Square Enix Montreal announces Hitman: Sniper

Free-to-play mobile and tablet game coming later this year