Major Titanfall update dated for Xbox 360

Fresh content and gameplay tweaks arriving on July 21

EA has announced that the fourth major Titanfall update will be released on Xbox 360 next Monday, July 21.

Already available on Xbox One and PC, the update features a long list of new content and gameplay tweaks, headlined by a 'Featured Game Mode' option, which sees new temporary game modes rotated on a regular basis.


The first mode to be introduced will be Marked for Death, in which a player from each team is marked as a primary target, forcing teams to defend their mark while hunting down the opposition's. It will be followed by a Wingman Last Titan Standing mode.

The update will also add fresh Titan Cards, Titan Insignias, improved matchmaking, Titan OS Voices, a Challenge Tracker and improved AI for Auto-Titans.

Weapons that will be rebalanced include Satchels, Shotgun, R101, R97, Hemlok, AMPed Hemlok, G2, AMPed G2, Titan Plasma Railgun and the Big Punch kit.

Specific details about weapon changes can be found on the Titanfall blog, along with a lengthy list of bug fixes.

The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall receives updates and DLC later than other platforms due it being handled by an external developer, Bluepoint.

EA said in May: "We're working with Respawn and Bluepoint to streamline the process and close the gap, allowing Xbox 360 updates to be published as closely as possible to Respawn's updates."


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