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Retro Vault - WWF Special

From back in the days before it became the WWE

Retro Vault is our regular weekly feature in which we dive into gaming's past and share five classic nuggets of retro nostalgia. If you want to catch up on previous Retro Vaults, check out the CVG Retro Vault archive.


September 1992 - WWF 'Videogamemania' magazine ad

By the end of 1992 LJN had released a number of WWF games on various formats (this was before it became WWE in 2002, of course). This magazine ad was shown in numerous American games mags to show off how many had been released that year.

By far the most important games of the four shown off were WWF Super Wrestlemania on the SNES and Mega Drive. Despite both games having the same name and using the same gameplay engine they did actually differ in terms of roster.

In fact, the only wrestlers that featured in both versions were Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase. The SNES version featured Earthquake, Typhoon, the Legion Of Doom, Sid Justice, Jake The Snake and The Undertaker, whereas the Mega Drive game instead offered The British Bulldog, IRS (the real-life dad of today's Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas), Papa Shango, Shawn Michaels and The Ultimate Warrior.

Also shown in the ad are WWF Steel Cage Challenge on the NES and WWF Superstars 2 on the Game Boy, the latter particularly interesting as it was the only WWF game to ever feature Canadian bad guy The Mountie.

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