Sony Santa Monica unveils new logo following relocation

God of War studio adopts "flexible identity"

God of War studio Sony Santa Monica has unveiled a new logo, following its expansion to a brand new office site earlier this year.

According to studio director Shannon Studstill, the company's goal was to create "a flexible identity for all of our games, a united banner for all we do."

She explained: "Our new logo, with its bold, simple structure can become a frame to the world of our games, filled with elements of the game such as key colors, textures, game content and screenshots.

"When you see the new animated logo boot up with our next external dev games such as Fat Princess: Piece of Cake and Hohokum, you'll further understand how we crafted a mark that allows our games to visually become part of the brand."


Sony Santa Monica recently moved to a 20-acre facility on Jefferson Boulevard in Playa Vista, which is said to be "four or five times" the size of its previous studio.

In addition to developing games internally, Sony Santa Monica functions as an incubator for indie developers, who can embed themselves in the studio and use the team's specialist knowledge to develop and design their games.

Previous examples of this include thatgamecompany, the studio behind Journey and Flower, Giant Sparrow, the team behind The Unfinished Swan, and Ready At Dawn, the studio behind the PSP God of War titles and upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886.

The additional space now affords the development team the capacity to house two indie studios at the same time, in addition to an "improved sound bay and a motion capture studio".

In February, Sony confirmed an unspecified number of layoffs at Sony Santa Monica: "This is a result of a cycle of resource re-alignment against priority growth areas within SCE WWS," the company said at the time.