Nvidia Shield Tablet brings new form factor, controller

Android-powered gaming device starts at $299

The next Nvidia Shield will separate the unique gamepad-and-screen gadget into a more traditional tablet and controller.

Nvidia announced the Nvidia Shield Tablet on Tuesday, revealing an Android-powered device that invites more everyday use with a common form factor while improving its gaming performance with new hardware. The original Shield was released in North America in June 2013.

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The 8-inch "full HD" tablet includes a Tegra K1 mobile processor, expandable microSD card storage, and a stylus to use on top of its touch and gamepad inputs.

Nvidia claims the Tegra K1 is "the world's most advanced mobile processor", using the same Kepler cores built into its GeForce GTX graphics cards, allowing for high-performance visual effects like tesselation on a mobile device for the first time.

The tablet will support the same technology which allows users to stream their PC games to the Shield system. Or they can go the other way around, streaming their tablet gameplay to HD displays while playing with up to four controllers at once.

Lastly, the Shield Tablet is the first mobile device to support native Twitch streaming, letting players broadcast their gameplay straight from the tablet. Check out our sister site TechRadar's hands-on for a deeper look at the system.

The device will retail starting at $299. Owners of the original Nvidia Shield can expect an over-the-air update delivering compatibility with the new controller and more to arrive on July 29.