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Destiny beta back online, live on Xbox platforms a day early

Bungie re-opens play for all platforms, promises 'surprise' in store this Saturday

The Destiny beta is now back online for PlayStation players and has launched on Xbox One - a day earlier than originally planned.

"We know you've been waiting, so we busted our asses to finish our chores up early," said Bungie. "Get in there. Break it. Tell us what you think. Share your experiences online."


The firm took the beta offline on Monday for what was originally planned to be a 48-hour period of 'maintenance'. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 beta was supposed to be launched tomorrow, July 23.

Bungie has also teased a special "surprise" in store for beta players this Saturday.

"If you've already played, you haven't seen everything yet," teased the developer. "We've got some surprises in store, and if you play on Saturday, July 26th beginning at 2pm PDT, we've got a permanent reward on reserve that will commemorate the experience."