Xbox One feature updates planned through October, Spencer says

Digital pre-orders coming soon, load and install times are in focus

Microsoft has feature updates planned for Xbox One through October, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer

Spencer regularly answers questions from fans via his Twitter account, addressing everything from exclusive games to developer kit releases. Earlier this week, he gave a bit of insight into Microsoft's continued plan to flush out its new-gen console.


"We've worked through the feature list through October," Spencer tweeted. "[Monthly updates] will continue and features look good."

The company has maintained a steady cadence of relatively feature-rich updates since it launched Xbox One in November. The latest update planned for the system will revise the system's social Activity Feed and add remote purchase/download capabilities.

Spencer said he is "focused" on load and install times for the console, though he did not mention specific plans to improve them. He also said digital pre-ordering will be made available "not long" from now - Sunset Overdrive is the first Xbox One title confirmed for digital pre-order.

The most recent PS4 update was dedicated to improving system stability, a common patch note for the console which has seen fewer features added in its post-launch period.