Crysis 3, Ryse producer Mike Read no longer at Crytek

Staff departures continue at troubled developer

Crysis 3 and Ryse producer Mike Read appears to have departed from Crytek amidst widespread news of financial woes at the developer.


While no official announcement has been made, Read's Twitter profile describes him as a "former" producer at the studio, while his LinkedIn profile also lists his tenure at Crytek as having ended in July after two years and four months.

Crytek has been in the spotlight in recent months as widespread reports tell of critical financial woes at the Crysis studio.

According to recent reports, 'around 100' developers have left Crytek UK after having not been paid in full for multiple months.

If accurate, development of the new Homefront game, an ambitious open-world shooter due in 2015, is bound to be severely impacted, if not currently halted altogether.

According to previous reports, Crytek UK employees are said to have only received around a third of their wages following the alleged cancellation of Ryse 2 in March. Others report not having been paid at all "in months". Crytek has not responded to these claims in particular, but it has already denied claims that it is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Crytek is said to be in talks with publisher Deep Silver over the future of the studio and Homefront: The Revolution, although both companies are yet to respond to the report. Staff are allegedly hoping Deep Silver will buy Crytek UK for work on Homefront to continue.