The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition is free for everyone

EA gives away complete Sims 2 collection to all gamers

EA is giving away The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition to all Origin members.

The publisher announced last week that it was ending support for The Sims 2, offering registered owners of the digital edition of the game a free upgrade to the Ultimate Collection.


However, as not everyone who purchased Sims 2 was able to redeem their copy of Ultimate Collection, EA has changed its policy and is now making it free for all.

The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection features the game, in addition to all the expansion packs and stuff packs released since the title's initial launch in 2004.

A total of eight expansion packs were released for The Sims 2, including University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Free Time and Apartment Life. There are also around ten stuff packs, which feature smaller content additions such as items, clothes and furniture.

According to EA, in order to download your free copy of The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition, you must follow these steps:

  • 1) Start by downloading and installing Origin. If you already have Origin you can skip to step 3.
  • 2) Not an Origin member? Create a free Origin Account to get in the game.
  • 3) Launch Origin and log into your Origin Account.
  • 4) From the 'Games' tab in the Origin menu, select 'Redeem Product Code' and enter the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

If you're already an Origin member, you can also redeem your code online. Just visit the Origin code redemption page and log in to your Origin Account. Then enter I-LOVE-THE-SIMS in the 'Product Code' field.

CVG has already tried this and can confirm it does work with Origin accounts that have previously purchased no Sims titles.

The above code can be redeemed until July 31, at which point it will no longer be available.