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Xbox One August update alters boot screen

Design change reported by preview testers

August's Xbox One update reportedly alters the console's existing boot screen.

According to preview testers with early access to some features, the dots in the image below will be added to the current boot up screen, which is blank apart from the Xbox logo.

"We finally have a way to know our Xbox isn't frozen on bootup screen," said one Reddit user.

"I believe the green 'X' in the logo pulsed, but it was an extremely subtle effect," said another


August's Xbox One system update will enable 3D Blu-ray functionality on the console, while improving its social features and adding remote purchasing and downloading options.

Microsoft has said it's the first of many planned updates to take into account suggestions made via the Xbox Feedback channel.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said earlier this week that Microsoft has feature updates planned for the console through October.

The executive said he is "focused" on load and install times for the console, though he did not mention specific plans to improve them. He also said digital pre-ordering will be made available "not long" from now - October's Sunset Overdrive is the first Xbox One title confirmed for digital pre-order.


Xbox One August update adds remote purchases, downloads

Patch tweaks Activity feed and Friends home screen area