Thomas Was Alone released on Android tablets, iPhone

Game available for an introductory price of £2.49 / $3.99

Block-based indie puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone has been released on Android tablet devices via Google Play, as well as on iPhone.

The game is available for an introductory price of £2.49 / $3.99 until Monday July 28, after which it will cost £3.99 / $5.99.


Thomas Was Alone released for PC and Mac in July 2012, and for PS3 and Vita a year later.

Indie developer Mike Bithell said in April that the game had topped one million sales, up from 700,000 in August 2013. It released on iPad in May.

CVG's Thomas Was Alone review said it "starts slow and grows into a puzzle game that is pleasant and satisfying, though one that's lacking in eureka moments."

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