Trine Enchanted Edition hits PC, coming to PS4 and Wii U

Updated version free for PC Trine owners

Trine Enchanted Edition, a remake of the original character-swapping platformer using the Trine 2 engine, is out now on PC.

Developer FrozenByte announced Thursday that the title is also planned for digital release on Wii U and PlayStation 4.

Trine 2: Directors Cut previously released on Wii U in November 2012, while Trine 2: Complete Story hit PS4 a year later.

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The upgraded version of the game will include support for online multiplayer, letting up to three remote players play as the wizard, thief, and knight. Players will also be able to pick up their progress more easily with mid-level saves.

Owners of the original game's PC version will receive the Enchanted Edition for free as an update, and Mac and Linux versions are also planned.

FrozenByte did not mention any plans for updating Trine's PS3 version.