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Videos: Transformers Universe introduces motorbikes

Jagex has released teaser trailers showing two new Transformers Universe characters, Swagger and Diabla, as well as the introduction of motorbikes.

Released this week, Autobot Swagger and Decepticon Diabla command greater agility and deal out more damage than other bots when in vehicular form.

Set for a full PC launch later this summer, Universe is a massively online tactical action game. The free-to-play title, which will be supported by microtransactions, tasks players with recruiting and managing a squad of bots and battling others.

Jagex launched the Transformers Universe open beta earlier this month. Players can sign up on the Transformers Universe website.

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Swagger:: Interceptor-class bot suitable for hit and run tactics, Swagger is the first fighter in the game to pack a cloaking device. This makes him an extremely deadly opponent to face in battle, especially if Decepticon players find themselves with reduced defences.

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Diabla: A damage-focused Decepticon with defences that allow her to stay in the heat of battle for longer, Diabla gives players the capability to roam the battle map, focus on a single target, and take them offline without a second thought.


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