The Last of Us: Complete collectibles guide

Find every elusive trinket with our fully illustrated checklist

There are a lot of collectibles to find in The Last of Us, as if you add up every artifact, Firefly pendant, training manual and comic book it comes to 141 items in total to locate.

Many of them are well hidden too, be they tucked away in hard to reach places, lurking underwater or even hanging from trees. Luckily we've done the hard work of tracking them all down for you, and this guide includes not only every single collectible location, but also all the tool kits and shiv doors as an added bonus.

Don't forget you can use the Chapters option after finishing the game to replay individual sections and grab any items you've missed. Naturally, massive spoilers follow...



20 Years Later: Boston Q.Z. Map / Military Pamphlet (Artifacts)

Inside the rucksack you collect in the secret tunnel.


20 Years Later: Note to Brother (Artifact)

After going through the spore-filled building, on the desk upstairs before crossing the planks to exit.


20 Years Later: David Michael Vigil 000102 (Firefly Pendant)

After entering the building with a ladder, check on the desk in the room with bunk beds at the top of the stairs.


Beyond The Wall: Ben Glueck 000106 (Firefly Pendant)

After moving the plank to cross the gap in the building, head outside to the next area and shoot the Firefly Pendant out of the tree before going through the door.


The Slums: Drafting Notice (Artifact)

In the shanty town after going through the bus, next to a trader with car batteries and stoves.


The Slums: Wanted Poster (Artifact)

In the same shanty town area, to the left of a gate with two people looking through it.


The Slums: Warehouse Key (Artifact)

On a downed enemy's body, needed to progress.


The Slums: Shipping Manifest (Artifact)

To your right when entering the docks area, by the guard rail overlooking the water.


The Slums: Docks Note (Artifact)

Inside the dock building, near the central railings behind a thug with a plank.


The Cargo: Philip Liu 000105 (Firefly Pendant)

After meeting Ellie and going outside, look next to the body of a Firefly at the side of the road.

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