As one Portal 2 mod gathers support, another is slammed for not being free

Angry reviews claim Aperture Tag sets a worrying precedent

The creators behind two separate Portal 2 mods are experiencing polar-opposite weeks, with one capturing support from the Steam community and another inundated with negative comments from displeased onlookers.

Aperture Tag, a Portal 2 mod that features an original story, replaces the game's iconic portal gun with a firearm that sprays Repulsion and Propulsion Gel.

The sky-blue and orange paints, like with Valve's 2011 sequel, give surfaces bouncy and speed-boosting properties, which can be used and combined to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

It boasts nearly thirty original maps, as well as a full campaign mode. PC Gamer scored the game a 58, with the reviewer claiming it "lacks balance and grows repetitive".

Now the game's development team, known collectively as Aperture Tag Team, have been criticised for not releasing the mod for free. It costs $7 (£5) to download, and is available only to those who have Portal 2 installed on their PCs.

A heated and widely recommended review on the game's Steam page suggests paid mods should not be tolerated.

"As mentioned, if it's FREE, it's worth your time. If it's PAID, spend your money elsewhere. Do not support this new "money for mods" deal, because you know others will follow suit if this takes off."

The game's trailer can be found below.

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Meanwhile, a separate Portal 2 mod, which the developer has already pledged to release for free, is quickly gaining support on its Steam Greenlight page.

Portal Stories: Mel is an unofficial spin-off that fixes its narrative on the early years of Aperture Science.

The mod's creators promise it will feature more than twenty maps, an original story, as well as a '70s prototype portal gun.

A trailer for Portal Stories: Mel is below. The mod is due to ship in the first half of 2015.

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