Rust dev reveals new game 'Riftlight'

New twin-stick space shooter from Facepunch Studios

Facepunch Studios, the team behind indie hit Rust, has revealed its next game, titled 'Riftlight'.

Currently in its early prototype stages, Riftlight is described as a twin stick arcade space shooter with a looting system and RPG-like elements. It's in development for PC.

Players will be able to equip new weapons and gear to their ship as they work to discover and explore randomly-generated areas in space.

The game features a class-based ship system, with Ranged, Caster, and Melee ships available. Ranged is equipped with standard lasers and is a good all-rounder, the Caster can cast spells but has weak shields, and the Melee ship has a "close-range energy beam", with special abilities that "are focused on pulling stuff in to your range".


Co-op play will also feature, with up to three people teaming up to explore.

Facepunch has shared the first images and a concept video of the game, but warns that "anything you see here in-game is place-holder or coder art" that will "most likely change".

Facepunch is the studio behind work-in-progress survival game Rust, which reached a million sales in roughly two months, according to an announcement in February. The alpha version of Rust was originally released on Steam Early Access on December 11.

An update to the game released earlier this year removed its zombies, which developer Facepunch Studios has said in the past were never intended to be a permanent fixture.

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