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Unreal Tournament video shows Team Deathmatch

Epic Games has released a new Unreal Tournament video showing off developers playing Team Deathmatch.

A "small team of UT veterans" began working on the project in early May. Epic said at the time that the game will be entirely free to play, with no microtransactions, including future content updates.

The "next-gen competitive shooter" is planned for Windows, Linux and Mac, and will start off with a focus on Deathmatch only. Other series standard modes like Capture the Flag and Onslaught will be added over time.

Gameplay programmer Joe Wilcox says of the development team's progress in the latest video: "The biggest thing we really zeroed in on was the movement mechanics and how we move through the world. That's where we've focused most of our time.

"The weapons are coming online which is really great, the sniper rifle is now somewhat useable, so it has been a good set of changes."

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