Editor's Blog: Tam is no 'moor

CVG waves goodbye to beloved son

He's packed his things, tied up loose ends and now beloved Features Editor and Batman Fanclub CFO Tamoor Hussain is set to swagger off into the sunset, Jack Bauer style.

During his five-plus years, Tamoor has been an incredible servant for CVG and in particular has helped expand and grow the personality of the site greatly, via his daily interaction with the community, regular streams, insane live blogs (many about midnight launches from supermarkets) and stewardship of the Off The Record podcast.

He's also a good friend and the only person who will walk to Tesco with me at lunchtime. For this and many other reasons, I will miss him.

For the record, I hope you'll continue to see Tamoor's face around the site, whether that's in freelance work, the podcast or down in the comments. We love him lots and we're sure his passion for the medium will ensure he's never far away.

Below is a personal message from Tamoor. Why not give him a follow on Twitter?


I've been at CVG for close to six years, and they've been the best of my life. A genuine dream come true.

So it's with a heavy heart that I'm leaving writing for it full-time. I must have written thousands of articles for the site at this point, met many of my game development heroes, been privy to juicy secrets, seen jaw-dropping games and travelled (some) of the world. But the friends I've made here over the years are what I'll cherish the most.

Warning: prepare for name drops.

Tim Ingham, who plucked me out of retail hell, gave me my dream job and looked after me while I stumbled around the industry during those early years. Andy Robinson, who let me be his padawan, taught me how to actually be a professional and let me do pretty much anything I wanted. Rob Crossley, who on his first day, four years into my tenure, told me my work was "lazy and sloppy", thus making me want to be a better writer (thanks Rob, you ass).

Then there's Tom Ivan, a silent, stoic news-writing machine and the Garfield of the gang, always ready and willing to join in the Monday hate with me. Tom Pakinkis, who came up with the nickname 'Tamooriarty' and the phrase 'Tamoor t'merrier', which I love. And also made me feel like my deep well of gaming knowledge was actually useful.

Chris Scullion, who is an absolute joy to be around, effortlessly brightening up each day with puns and enthusiasm for games. Coffee bro Joe, who is a beautiful human. Hicks who slams his phone way too hard (always makes me laugh), Edwin, undoubtedly the classiest journalist in the business, and fellow comic nerd Aofie.

Luc, Kormel and Andrew, who are honest-to-god geniuses. Keith Walker (best publisher ever). Castle, Kate and the rest of the ONM team who deserve way more love and appreciation than they get. The hard-working people in Bath, US and Australia that I so rarely got to see, but really appreciated. That bearded madman Gav and the many others that have since got new jobs.

But alas, it's time to move on.

To be clear, I'm not being let go: I feel like it's the right time for me to make a change. Hopefully, you'll still see lots of me, I'm not done with games just yet.

I'm going to try that YouTube and Twitch thing (follow me on those webzones if you want a pizza roll). I've still got stuff I want to say (WHERE ARE THE BROWN FOLK IN GAMES?) and I enjoy interacting with the community through streams too much to quit it. Hopefully, I'll also carry on contributing here when I can, so expect to see my name pop-up on CVG now and then - especially in the comments.

But yeah, it's been amazing. I'm a happier, healthier person thanks to all the people above, CVG's wonderful readers and the gaming community I chat to on Twitter daily. So thanks, and I'll speak to you soon.

TL;DR version: Games rule. CVG is the best. Some people are cool. F*** the law. I'm out.

- Tamoor Hussain