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Standard Elite Dangerous beta available now for £50

New star systems, ships, gameplay and social features detailed

The standard Elite Dangerous beta is available now for £50.

Frontier Developments says the standard beta increases the number of playable star systems in the game by a factor of ten compared to the premium beta, which was previously available for £100.

Alternatively, the final game can be pre-ordered for £35 ahead of its release later this year. The title will be available on PC first and Mac three months later.

The beta is initially only available in English, although it's due to be updated in the near future to support the following languages: German, French, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Simplified Chinese.

A feature list follows the new beta trailer:

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Beta features

  • 55 star systems covering 29,000 cubic lightyears
  • Initial online mission system functionality added (to be further developed through Beta)
  • Player-to-player communication by text and voice added
  • Friends management and matchmaking added
  • Private Group play option added
  • Solo play option added
  • Overview trade route mapping added
  • The concept of fuel consumption added
  • Docking computers added to assist with safe landings
  • Additional Viper heavy fighter and Lakon Type 6 medium trader ships added

Elite Dangerous could make its way to Xbox One and PS4 following its release on PC and Mac. Frontier boss David Braben said recently: "I don't want to do something that constitutes an announcement, but we would be stupid not to support other platforms, including console."


Elite Dangerous likely to be released on consoles

Frontier boss says company "would be stupid not to support other platforms"