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Over 3.7 billion aliens killed, and other fun Destiny stats

Bungie serves up a collection of crazy numbers for the beta

We already knew that just over 4.6 million players jumped into the Destiny beta last month, but Bungie has released some more fun stats for you to ponder over.


According to a new stat-filled infographic, those players created a total of around 6.5 million guardians, because a single guardian simply wasn't enough.

Concurrent players topped out at around 853 thousand, and around 350 million guardians were slaughtered in the Crucible multiplayer mode.

There are some crazier, almost entirely pointless yet still amusing stats. Such as the 3,704,508,840 aliens you lot murdered in the Story, Strike and Explore modes (that's over 3.7 billion, for those bad with long numbers). Check out the full infographic below.

Many of you may be hoping all that hard work carries over to the final game, although it seems like Bungie's on the fence on that one.

The public test commenced on July 17 on PlayStation consoles and on July 22 on Xbox systems, before closing on all formats on July 27.

The Destiny release date is September 9 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.