Destiny: Ghost Editions going for as much as $1000 online

Demand for the sold-out $149.99 package goes critical

Hardcore Destiny fans are paying hundreds of dollars for the sold out Destiny Ghost Edition bundle on eBay.

Numerous completed listings on the auction site for (assumedly) secured pre-orders being sold in the US region show final offers of over $600, well beyond the bundle's $149.99 retail price.


According to an online account, one eBay seller saw their auction come to a close at a whopping $1,025, although whether or not that sale has actually gone through is unconfirmed.

The premium Ghost Edition appears to have been sold out across US retail for weeks. The bundle comes with a motion-activated, scaled model replica of the Ghost - the robotic companion that assists players in the game. It also comes with the Destiny Expansion Pass, and other goodies in a large box.

Destiny will release worldwide on September 9. All pre-orders will receive the Vanguard Armory, which "includes early access to weapons, gear and exclusive player emblems."


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