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GameStop simplifying trade-in policies, report says

New program said to offer 20 per cent more on average

GameStop reportly plans to offer 20 per cent more value for the average traded-in game and simplify its complex system of value-boosting promotions.

According to alleged internal documents circulating this week, Kotaku reports the changes meant to make the trade-in process more appealing and easier to understand will go into effect on August 18.

The documents said the company's average trade-in value currently ranges from $7.20 to $14.00, with a "base" of $9.00. The new system will increase that base by 20 per cent to $11.


Aside from offering slightly more value on average, the new system will also eliminate the multi-tiered promotions customers must use to receive the optimal value for their games.

Formerly Power-Up Rewards customers could receive up to 40 per cent more value for trading in games to pay for pre-orders, or up to ten per cent more by using a coupon found in GameStop's wholly owned magazine, Game Informer, among other promotions.

The only remaining price differential in the new system is whether consumers receive cash or in-store credit for their trades; Power-Up Rewards members still receive ten per cent more than the base value toward credit and ten per cent less toward cash, while non-members still receive 20 per cent less toward cash.

According to the documents, GameStop employees will be encouraged to refer to the deals as "buying" and "selling" rather than "trade-ins", which are poorly understood by two-thirds of its customers.

A report circulating last week indicated that GameStop plans to introduce its own rewards credit card.