EA's new free Origin game is Wing Commander 3

Chris Roberts' cult nineties sci-fi title can be downloaded at no cost

Wing Commander 3, the cult sci-fi title first released in 1994, is the latest game offered completely for free as part of EA's Origin promotion.


Since March the publisher has been offering various PC games for free, as part of a wider diplomacy program with the games community. Games offered gratis are rotated, with Dead Space 3 and Peggle previously offered for a limited time.

In order to claim the free games, EA asks that users set up an account with Origin, which is the publisher's games platform for PC and Mac. Once downloaded, users can keep the free games forever.

"There's no catch," reads a message on the free game promotion page.

"Grab full games, expansions and more at absolutely no cost. Just make sure to act fast because On the House specials can appear and disappear at any time."

Wing Commander 3 is a sci-fi shooter interspersed with live-action cut scenes that were more typical in the mid-nineties. It was also notable for starring Luke Skywalker star Mark Hamill.

Players are tasked with controlling a space vessel from the cockpit, usually in first person mode, exploring space and eliminating hostile threats.

The Wing Commander series was created by Chris Roberts, who returned to the industry in 2013 to create Star Citizen, widely known as the most successful crowdfunded game ever. The project's funding is creeping close to the $50 million mark.

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