GamesAid wants feedback on where its funds should go

GamesAid, the organisation that raises funds for a whole range of UK charities for disadvantaged children, wants feedback on where it should donate its money this year.

The group has opened nominations to allow anyone to suggest a charity that they feel deserves support. The charities which get the most votes will receive an equal share of all the monies raised during the year.

GamesAid's funds are specifically used to help disadvantaged and disabled young people. Last year it raised about £260,000, which was shared among Action For Kids, Lifelites, MAPs, SafeAtLast and Special Effect.

To nominate a charity, send an email to and briefly outline who you feel is deserving of the funds.

Alternatively you can register to become a GamesAid member on its website, and nominate through there, though you would need to be a member of the games industry to go via this route. Further details on this approach can be found here.

The video below shows the positive impact last year's funds had on a range of charities.

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