PlayStation Mobile axes Android support

Android OS version 4.4.3 and new lose PlayStation games

Sony has ditched Android support in PlayStation Mobile, the firm has announced.

The PlayStation Mobile service, which offers a mix of small, low-cost games and PS1 retro titles, will no longer support new Android devices.


Support will continue as normal for Android devices running version 4.4.2 and older, but Android OS versions 4.4.3 and newer will cease to be officially supported. This will mean limited (if not completely removed) access to the PS Mobile store, and installed games may not run correctly if at all. Android L will feature no PlayStation Mobile support whatsoever.

PlayStation Mobile will continue to be supported on the PS Vita.

PlayStation Mobile launched with 21 games in Europe and the US in late 2012, with the aim of providing a dedicated space through which Sony would sell relatively low-cost indie games to "certified" devices.

But the PS Mobile store has failed to gain widespread recognition since, in recent years, the majority of the most prominent and successful indie games have been released as PlayStation Store titles exclusively for PlayStation consoles.