Sony goes for 'Cheesiest Teaser Video Ever' award

Jumps firmly onto teaser video bandwagon with two more Gamescom clips

Teaser videos are all the rage right now. Everybody's doing it. And if there were some award for 'Cheesiest Teaser Ever', Sony would be winning it.

Gamescom's just around the corner, you see. BioWare's been getting all kinds of attention for its series of 'You've been Chosen' teaser videos, hyping what is expected to be an announcement on August 13.

Sony followed suit with a rather obvious teaser for what is widely expected to be a re-reveal for the long-dormant PS3 horror game Until Dawn, perhaps this time for PS4 if prior rumors prove accurate.

Leaping firmly onto the teaser video bandwagon, the company has today released two more teasers for you. One is clearly related to the aforementioned probably-Until-Dawn announcement:

Close Close

And the other? Well...

Close Close

Look in wonder at the neon effects. The sweet kaleidoscope graphics. The trendy people pretending to play games and pretending even harder to be loving it. The dude in the white shirt making an odd, slightly unsettling shape with his mouth.

It's awful and awesome at the same time. And it's clearly just Sony goofing around, right?