Aladdin and Jasmine bound for Disney Infinity 2.0

Two new characters due out Autumn and 'early 2015' respectively

Disney has confirmed plans to introduce Aladdin and Princess Jasmine to Disney Infinity 2.0.

Aladdin will join the virtual toy box this Autumn, while Princess Jasmine won't arrive until 'early 2015', according to the announcement.

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Aladdin's will don his scimitar sword and magic lamp, while Jasmine will be able to "summon desert winds to take out baddies".

The updates will also introduce new Aladdin-themed Power Discs. "Soar around the Toy Box with Aladdin's Magic Carpet Power Disc, or use the Rags to Riches Power Disc to transform Aladdin into Prince Ali," says Disney.

This follows recent announcements for the addition of Stitch and Tinkerbell, and a new Guardians of the Galaxy play Set.

The Aladdin announcement trailer is above.