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Crytek UK had planned to resurrect Timesplitters, CEO says

Rights remain with Crytek after studio's sale to Deep Silver

Crytek UK at one point planned to pick up the long-dormant Timesplitters franchise, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed.

Much of the team at Crytek UK, which had been working on Homefront: The Revolution, transitioned to new studio Deep Silver Dambuster as part of the deal to sell the game's license.

Crytek UK was formerly known as Free Radical design, best known for its work on the Timesplitters shooter series. Rights to the franchise remain with Crytek.


"I still personally love Timesplitters and there might be a good chance of something in the future," Yerli told Eurogamer. "We have some creative ideas. In fact the UK operation at one point planned to resurrect Timesplitters. But that has now changed. So we will figure out something definitely for Timesplitters, but the time has not come yet."

Yerli also addressed reports that members of the studio had gone unpaid for months, saying that Crytek chose to delay payments rather than downsize staff. He said he was "was surprised and upset a little bit that the intention of us keeping together everybody upset a few of them", but he understood their situation.

The company also downsized its Austin offices, transitioning development on Hunt: Horrors of the GIlded Age to Frankfurt. The remaining team at Crytek USA will support US studios working with CryEngine.

Crytek is now focused on its trio of free-to-play projects - Warface, Hunt, and Arena of Fate - but it hasn't ruled out returning to Crysis and Ryse in the future.

"We're not saying we are perfect by any means," Yerli said. "There is so much room for improvement, but there is also so much learning going on right now. Learning that we are doing that many other companies yet have to do, and pain of growth that won't come again. We have learned now. We paid the price. Going forward it's going to be easier for us."