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The Last of Us movie will be "quite different" in parts

Neil Druckmann discusses converting the game to film

The Last of Us movie will still tell the story of Joel and Ellie, but it will differ in some other significant areas from the video game.

Neil Druckmann, screenwriter of the film and writer/creative director of the game, told MCV that theatrical considerations meant the story would inevitably differ.


"In two hours you can't tell the same kind of story that you can in a game like The Last of Us, which is 15 hours," Druckmann said.

"I'm in the middle of it now, and it's been super difficult because there's so much that happens in The Last of Us - even just in the cinematics - that can't fit in a film, let alone all the gameplay in-between and dialogue."

Converting his original work into a two-ish hour script meant narrowing the focus onto the relationship between Joel and Ellie, Druckmann noted.

"It's been really difficult to cut certain things out, but what I'm starting to get this is really focused narrative that's about these two characters," he said. "Some parts will be similar to the game and some parts will be quite different, but it's kind of interesting in helping me understand this other medium and its strengths compared to video games."

Druckmann is collaborating on the film with producer Sam Raimi, best known for directing Spider-Man and the Evil Dead series. Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams is currently a frontrunner for the role of Ellie.