BBC iPlayer on Xbox One by the end of 2014

PS4 version has been available since console's launch last November

The Xbox One version of the BBC iPlayer app will launch by the end of 2014, the broadcaster has confirmed.

It was already known that the BBC was working on an iPlayer app for Xbox One but a release window had yet to be confirmed.


"I am happy to announce that we're aiming to launch new BBC iPlayer on Xbox One by the end of this year", executive product manager Marcus Parnwell said on the official BBC blog.

The BBC iPlayer app has been available on PS4 since the console's launch in November 2013. No explanation has been given for the lengthier development time of the Xbox One version.

The BBC initially confirmed last November that it was working on an Xbox One app, although it provided no further details.

"BBC iPlayer is already available to audiences on over 1,000 devices and platforms in the UK," a statement from the BBC read at the time. "While we are working to bring BBC iPlayer to Xbox One in the future, we have no further details to share at this time."

The iPlayer app was released on PS3 in 2008 but didn't come to the Xbox 360 until March 2012. The delay was partly down to the BBC's refusal to place the app behind an Xbox Live Gold paywall due to its commitment to ensure its content is not provided commercially.

However, Microsoft recently dropped the Xbox Live Gold account requirement for entertainment apps, meaning such an issue will be non-existent on Xbox One.