Hustle Kings headed to PS4 with free-to-play model

Snooker sim gets new free-to-play sceme alongside traditional release

Snooker and pool sim Hustle Kings is on its way to PS4 with a new free-to-play system alongside a traditional purchase option, developer XDev has announced.

"For the PS4 release of Hustle Kings we wanted to try something new to freshen up the franchise and we really wanted to focus the game to be a better online experience," said the studio's associate producer Neil McPhillips in an announcement on Monday.

"With those goals in mind we've created a whole new structure for the game and have gone to work adding new PS4 exclusive features and touches."


Alongside a traditional purchasing model, which will let players buy the whole game for an as yet unspecified price, Hustle Kings on PS4 will be available to download for free on PS4 in form of a 'core package'.

The core pack will include practice mode, the career mode and the new League mode that lets you compete online.

The game will use a credits system called HKC (Hustle Kings Credits) - "the currency that you'll play with in the game", explains McPhillips.

You will be able to earn HKC for completing career missions, competing online, and fulfilling daily challenges which will include puzzle scenarios, such as trick shots or timed challenges.

The announcement doesn't detail whether or not users can, or will be required to, purchase HKC with real money for access to the game.

Hustle Kings was previously released on PS3 and Vita.