Sierra publishing Geometry Wars 3, new King's Quest

Defunct firm returns as Activision indie publishing label

Activision has brought back Sierra Entertainment as a new indie publishing label, with Geometry Wars 3 and a new King's Quest as its first confirmed projects.

The publisher made the announcement Tuesday, as reported by VentureBeat.


The label will focus on working with "gifted up-and-coming indie developers working on their own amazing projects or who are passionate about working on great Sierra IP". PlayStation Network, Steam and Xbox Live will be its main release platforms.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will include 50 single-player challenges and ten battle modes. It's due for release this holiday season. The title is being developed by Lucid Games, a studio formed by several former members of Geometry Wars creator Bizarre Creations, which was closed by Activision in 2011.

The new King's Quest is being developed by The Odd Gentlemen, otherwise known for The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom and collaborating with author Neil Gaiman on Wayward Manor.

The King's Quest series helped define the graphic adventure genre starting with its first release in 1984. The new game planned for release in 2015 will be a "re-imagined" take on the franchise's complex puzzles and narrative.

Activision teased the return of Sierra last week with a teaser video.