DayZ confirmed for PS4

Creator Dean Hall reveals new-gen version at Sony's Gamescom conference

Zombie survival hit DayZ is on its way to PS4, its creator has confirmed.

The game's project director Dean Hall took to the stage of the Sony Gamescom press conference on Tuesday to announce the port.


Although Hall did not offer many specifics about the console version, he did say that the making of the PS4 port has pushed the developer to make improvements to the game as a whole.

"Creating the PS4 version has given us cause to expand the overall project", said Hall, announcing a major graphical overhaul for all versions of DayZ.

Sales of the standalone DayZ game had passed 2 million in May.

The standalone alpha version of the perma-death zombie survival game released on Steam Early Access and via Bohemia Interactive's online store on December 16, 2013.