Far Cry 4: Ubisoft limits free co-op to two hours

But new PS4 Share Play function allows for unlimited game sharing for all games

The free drop-in co-op on Far Cry 4 on PS4 will be limited to two hours per person, Ubisoft has said.

Producer Alex Hutchinson made the clarification during a presentation at Gamescom.


Furthermore, each owner of the game can invite up to ten people to play co-op in the game, but it's not clear whether this is limited to certain sections or at certain moments.

When first announced in June, the offer appeared to be more open-ended, with Ubisoft simply stating that Far Cry 4 players can invite anyone to join in to play co-op. The new clarification means there are some limitations to this.

However, Sony has also revealed the upcoming 2.0 firmware update for PS4, which allows for what the corporation is calling "Share Play". This feature allows players to connect online and essentially pass the pad and play the same game together. Only one person needs to own the title.