Alienation is a PS4 top-down shooter from the Resogun developer

Housemarque unveils its new PS4 exclusive

Sony has announced Alienation, a new top-down twin-stick shooter from indie developer Housemarque.

That's the same studio responsible for previously acclaimed PlayStation shooters Super Stardust HD and Resogun.

The new PS4 exclusive game features detailed visuals in a mix of vivid jungle-like and urban environments, and will allow players to battle hordes of aliens alone or in co-op squads of up to four.

Here's the reveal trailer:

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The game's action is centered around an alien invasion and Humanity's fight for survival.


"The technology involved in the occupation is truly out of this world and leaps beyond what humans have experienced in past generations. Contact with the foreigners is expected to bring forth a level of destruction and visual resonance that may render the world as we know it obsolete," says the developer.

"Still, from the top down, it looks as if we have a fighting chance. We can unite and learn together to build up a stronger resistance. Gathering and developing our last resources is the key to success."

No release date was announced.