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Wild announced for PS4 by Rayman creator

The first game from Rayman creator Michel Ancel's independent studio is Wild, an online, pre-historic, open-world adventure for PS4 where players must hunt to survive.

The trailer showed a man and woman clad in animal skins traveling across grassy hills and snowy valleys, accompanied by a lively skeleton.

The man takes cover in deep mud and snow to hide from predators and ambush prey, including a pack of wolves. In another scene, the group discovers gigantic skeletal remains sat on top of a sunken throne.

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Players appear to be able to befriend animals: riding horses, playing with wolf pups, and flying on the back of huge eagles.

Ancel said the game's concept is "based on experiencing new situations every time you play" and that his team at Wild Sheep wanted to focus on a single platform as it created the game.