Payday studio reveals Walking Dead co-op shooter

Payday 2 studio Overkill is bringing its co-op shooter expertise to bear on The Walking Dead.

The new project, titled Overkill's The Walking Dead, was revealed Wednesday in a two minute teaser trailer. The trailer concludes with the message "In 2016 Washington Falls".

Overkill and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's studio Skybound are collaborating on the project; Kirkman appears at the end of the video to lend his personal support for the game, saying it's "the co-op game that all the Walking Dead fans have been waiting for."

Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Overkill owner Starbreeze AB, said in a prepared statement that the co-op first-person shooter will be the "ultimate survival horror game".


"It will be gameplay focused, ferocious and bring chaos to the traditional industry model - from us developers straight to you," Klint said. "This time it's big - don't walk alone."

The game will use Starbreeze's Diesel engine, which also powers Payday 2, "updated for the next generation". It's due for release in 2016 on unspecified platforms.

The Walking Dead universe was previously explored in shooter form in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, a poorly received adaptation of the AMC television series.

Overkill's game appears to draw directly from The Walking Dead comics rather than the television series, the same as Telltale's eponymous episodic drama.

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