Silent Hills' teaser 'P.T.' explained by Kojima

Horror game being made alongside The Phantom Pain

Kojima Productions intentionally reduced the quality of 'P.T.' to keep people from guessing the mysterious title was actually from his studio, Hideo Kojima has revealed.


The downloadable PS4 game, which released on Tuesday after a brief spot in Sony's Gamescom stage show, was actually a playable teaser (hence the abbreviation) for a new collaboration between Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro: Silent Hills.

The title uses Kojima Productions' Fox Engine, but the team did not want its high-budget pedigree to be immediately apparent to players.

Similarly, the wooded scene used for the titles backdrop was simply an "amateurish" picture of one developer's back yard, Kojima explained.

As for the name of the fictional developer, 7780s Studio was named after Shizuoka Prefecture - the region's name can be loosely translated to mean 'silent hill', and its total area is about 7,780 square kilometers. The 's' naturally stands for 'Silent Hill'.

Kojima said his studio is working on Silent Hills in parallel with "finalizing" Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Few details have yet been confirmed for the horror game, though the playable teaser revealed that The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus will have a starring role.

Earlier in the presentation, Kojima warned the audience that Silent Hills will be the kind of "game that will make you shit your pants".