'Postponed' Minecraft convention disappears from web

Communications go dark despite $500,000 in ticket fees having been collected

An unofficial Minecraft convention has gone dark after collecting upwards of $500,000 in ticket fees.

The convention, called Mineorama, was initially planned to kick off in New York City in July 2014. According to the group's sole remaining web presence, its Facebook page, the organization behind the event was created about a year before.


The Facebook page describes Mineorama as "a fan based Youtuber convention to support education through the BEST of Minecraft: gaming, educational benefits, celebrities, art, cosplay and passion!"

The group posted on July 7 that Mineorama had been postponed, updating once more the day after to say it was "willing to answer questions" via email. Few if any of those emails were ever answered according to numerous comments on the latter post.

Timothy Carroll, director of communications for Mineorama producer The Greatest Science Fair Ever, Inc., reportedly declined comment when Kotaku contacted him on the phone earlier this week.

The announcement was made on Twitter with the disclaimer: "PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A SCAM". Organizer Lou Gasco said on July 8 that attendees would receive instructions for how to receive refunds.

"We tried everything to recover, but had to postpone," Gasco said. "Once we re-plan we will be able to give specific instructions for refunds. When the financing fell through, we had three weeks to make this work. We redesigned the show, but even at barebones, it was over $750,000. Our last ditch effort left us with about a $175,000 shortage. That's what we had to raise in less than three weeks."

The convention's website has been taken offline and its Twitter account has been deleted, though the latter's handle is now occupied by a parody page.

General admission to the convention cost $150, according to an archived version of the site, and Gasco reportedly said in July that 3,600 tickets had been sold - meaning up to $540,000 in ticket fees were collected.