PlayStation, Xbox Twitch accounts briefly compromised

Twitch rep explains posting of offensive messages

Twitch accounts for PlayStation, Xbox, and the eSports League were reportedly compromised yesterday, which explains the offensive highlight videos that briefly appeared on their pages.

The highlight videos included profane comments and faked game announcements for Fallout and Gears of War in their titles and descriptions, though the videos themselves were simply clips of previous official broadcasts.


A Twitch representative told Polygon that the illegitimate videos were likely posted by a Gamescom attendee who gained access to the accounts by using logged-in computers, rather than by hacking into the three accounts in quick succession.

Both the PlayStation and Xbox profiles are still devoid of previously recorded highlights.

"As a precautionary measure, we temporarily removed highlights and past broadcasts for those channels since it's in the early hours of the morning in Cologne," a Twitch representative explained.

All three organizations use Twitch extensively to communicate with users - Both Xbox and PlayStation streamed their Gamescom stage shows on the platform earlier this week, while ESL regularly broadcasts gameplay from competitive events worldwide.