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Madden NFL 15 ad is an ode to inexplicable rivalries

This Madden NFL 15 commercial isn't really an advertisement for Madden NFL 15.

If anything, it's a warning, a grim reminder that warm friendships can twist into a self-destructive spiral wretched enough to make Shakespeare say, "hey, now". That love isn't a state of being but a frame of reference one can forget to inhabit, only to return when those most important have already been driven away.

That Kevin Hart is an asshole and you probably shouldn't start a video game rivalry with him unless you want sugar in your gas tank. That if you're a handsome young actor you can afford to let your house burn down while you show Kevin Hart a thing or two about the virtual pigskin.

Still, it's probably the most memorable advertisement for the American football series since John Madden retired from bursting out of stuff.

The game's set to release on August 26 in North America and August 29 in Europe on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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