New Pokemon project to be announced next week

Pokemon Company and Famitsu to livestream a reveal event

A new Pokemon project is set to be revealed during a livestream event in Japan next week, the Pokemon Company has announced.

According to a statement posted on the Japanese Pokemon website (via NeoGAF), the project is set to be unveiled live on streaming site Niconico on Tuesday, August 26 at 10pm Japan time (1pm UK time, 5am Pacific).

Pokemon X & Y

Although no further information has been given on the project, the fact it will be introduced in collaboration with gaming magazine Famitsu suggests it is likely to be a video game.

There are a number of rumoured Pokemon games that have yet to be revealed or announced by Nintendo.

At the Pokemon Games Show held in Japan in 2013, a brief clip showing what appeared to be a Pokemon fighting game was shown. The name Pokken Fighters was later registered as a trademark by Nintendo.

A detective game starring Pikachu is also rumoured to be coming to 3DS, with Nintendo registering the trademark Great Detective Pikachu in late 2013.

Over the weekend it was revealed that an iPad version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online will be released later this year.