Shenmue HD isn't happening but that isn't stopping this guy

Korean fan beautifully remakes key locations with hi-res textures

Look, stop doing this to yourself. It isn't going to help.

I know you want Shenmue back in your life. I do too. But I've come to accept that as the years roll by and other Sega HD remakes are by and large ignored (Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, Crazy Taxi), the likelihood it'll happen keeps dropping.

You should accept it too. I can see how much you hurt inside. Your family's worried sick about you. You think they don't notice but they do. After all, every time you pick up your fork at the dinner table you can only rotate your wrist on a single axis.

Korean Shenmue fan Nokon Kid also misses Shenmue, but he's done something more productive with his pining. He's done this:

Just look at that. It's beautiful. He's recreated a number of locations from Shenmue, replacing all the Dreamcast era models and textures with brand new HD ones, and the results are breathtaking.

He's also released a couple of videos showing off his work in action. The first shows various memorable places - the flower shop, the jacket shop, the Coke machine - all recreated with loving attention to detail.

The second, meanwhile, is even more impressive, showing off a new version of the game's arcade, complete with actual attract modes running on each screen.

I know you'd give serious consideration to punching a donkey square in the face if it meant you could play a HD version of Shenmue as a result. I would too. But for now let's just look at these and dream.

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