Tomb Raider can be Xbox's answer to Uncharted, Microsoft says

Xbox boss wishes he had a first party game similar to Naughty Dog's

Microsoft's move to tie up Xbox exclusivity for Rise of the Tomb Raider was motivated by a desire to compete with Sony in the action adventure genre, according to the company's games boss.

Asked if the Tomb Raider deal was in part about having an answer to 2015's PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Xbox head Phil Spencer told Eurogamer: "Totally. I'm a big fan of Uncharted and I wish we had an action adventure game of that ilk. We've started some, and we've looked at them. But we don't have one today of that quality. This is an opportunity."


At Gamescom, Microsoft and Square Enix announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider will launch exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360 holiday 2015.

It's still unclear if the game will make the jump to other platforms at a later date, but Spencer's latest comments suggest Microsoft will publish the title, which wouldn't rule out a PC version.

"People have asked me before about IP we own, and they'll say, you own all the IP you publish," he said. "I'm explicit about it: that's a goal but there will be situations where we don't, and we've talked about those. Ryse is a situation where we don't own the IP.

"When you think about our portfolio, if it was a sci-fi shooter, I probably wouldn't do that. I've got one of those. Or if it's a Gears competitor, or a Forza competitor, there are things I wouldn't go after. But this is one that clearly fit in our portfolio really well. That's definitely part of the analysis."

Spencer went on to discuss negative reactions to the deal from some sections of the gaming community.

"There are two sides: you've got the Xbox guys - I hope the Xbox guys are happy we have another game coming to Xbox they can play. But I don't want anybody to be happy that somebody else isn't playing the game. I don't look at the war that way. I just want gaming on Xbox to be great.

"I'm not trying to push gaming down on any other platform. Clearly, I'm not going to invest in something to make games great on other platforms. Windows stuff I will. But not on stuff on other consoles. That's 101. This wasn't an attack against anybody else. It was an opportunity that came up for us that fit really well."


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