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Disney Infinity 2 to get Toy Box Combo Pack

Alternative set features Disney characters instead of Marvel superheroes

Disney has announced an alternative Disney Infinity 2 pack which replaces the Marvel characters with Disney ones.

Due for release on November 7, the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Combo Pack is similar to the Starter Pack in that it includes a copy of the game and the Disney Infinity 2 base.


However, whereas the Starter Pack includes three Avengers characters, the alternative instead includes Merida from Brave, and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.

It also comes with two 'Toy Box Game Discs', unlocking two mini-games: Stitch's Tropical Rescue and Brave Forest Siege.

As the name suggests, the Toy Box Combo Pack only initially allows access to the game's Toy Box mode, in which plays can create their own worlds and then interact with them.

In order to play any of the game's playsets - preset adventures set in specific Disney or Marvel worlds - players will have to buy a playset piece separately.

The Marvel pack includes an Avengers playset.

To summarise, the two packs available are as follows:

Starter Pack
Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Game
Disney Infinity 2.0 Base
3 figures - Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow
1 Avengers Playset Piece
2 Toy Box Game Discs

Toy Box Combo Pack
Disney Infinity 2.0 Video Game
Disney Infinity 2.0 Base
2 figures - Merida and Stitch
2 Toy Box Game Discs

The standard Disney Infinity 2 Starter Pack is due for release on September 18 in Europe, September 19 in the UK and September 23 in the US. The Toy Box Combo is out on November 7.